4 Techniques to pay off your mortgage quickly

PAY FOR YOUR HOME FAST   Accelerating the repayment of a debt that is accumulating interest is always a good idea. However, you must know how to [...]

Stress test and borrowing capacity: How do lenders make the decision to lend to you or not?

It is always a little stressful to go to your bank when you need to take out a mortgage. Will my banker agree to lend me money? [...]

What debts should you refinance? Smart Mortgage Refinancing

What debts should you refinance? Is mortgage refinancing a solution for you? How does refinancing your mortgage work? Is debt refinancing still possible? What is the calculation [...]

What is the SECRET that banks do not want you to know about mortgage insurance?

All banks have secrets ... Whether you like to hear it or not, your bank is not a Blessed Virgin who has only your interests at heart [...]

How to compare/ choose a mortgage broker?

A good broker will work for you! He will be attentive and proactive with your requests. If you are considering buying a property in the near future, [...]


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