If you want to buy a house in Terrebonne, do not underestimate the importance of consulting an experienced mortgage broker to choose the right mortgage!

Indeed, a good mortgage broker can make all the difference when it comes to shopping for interest rates. That’s why Best Mortgage Quotes has created a MORTGAGE LOAN CALCULATOR to help you, with a single application, to compare offers and rates from more than 20 banks.

Thanks to the expertise of our partner mortgage brokers, it is now possible to compare mortgages in just a few clicks.  You can find the best mortgage deal in the market and pay less for your mortgage in Terrebonne.



Rely on a professional to find you the best mortgage

Compare rates of +20 banks in minutes thanks to a mortgage broker in Terrebonne.
Our mortgage brokers in Terrebonne are particularly efficient and are hand-picked by our team to offer you a service of excellence.

You can compare the rates of more than 20 banks across the province in just a few minutes.

A mortgage broker has exclusive access which allows him to have access to offers and rates that you do not see while shopping on the internet. If you are wondering why some people benefit from great mortgages while you can’t seem to find one for yourself, the secret actually lies in dealing with a mortgage broker!

You can also take advantage of low mortgage rates and access these special offers that banks give to mortgage brokers in Terrebonne.


Why shop for mortgage rates with a broker in Terrebonne?

There are many benefits to be gained from consulting a mortgage broker to find the perfect mortgage in Terrebonne.

Consider these benefits you can get by choosing a broker from our large network.

  • ✓ It’s 100% free because it’s the lenders who pay brokers
  • ✓ The broker takes care of shopping for you
  • ✓ His expertise gives him access to the best mortgages in the market
  • ✓ His network of contacts is vast. He can refer you to other real estate professionals if necessary
  • ✓ You are sure that your application is in good hands from beginning to end
  • ✓ You benefit from advice and tips throughout the process
  • ✓ You can get the best mortgage rate available
  • ✓ He can help you with the legal aspects of your mortgage
  • ✓ He has vast knowledge in real estate in general
  • ✓ He knows how to optimize your information for the benefit of your loan application.

A good mortgage broker’s services are invaluable. His services are available for everyone who seeks the best mortgage.

When shopping for your mortgage in Terrebonne, you can easily be overwhelmed by all the products in the market and all of their complexities.

With the right expert, everything will be clear and you will be sure not to be fooled. He will even take the time to introduce you to the main types of mortgages that may interest you.


What are the different types of mortgages to consider?

If you start shopping for all types of mortgages available in Terrebonne, you may feel lost. In fact, between the open fixed rate mortgage and the variable rate closed mortgage, there are many variations that can make a big difference.

You will need to consider the following types of mortgages:

  • Conventional Mortgage
  • Open mortgage
  • Closed mortgage
  • Subsidiary Mortgage

You can also choose between a fixed or variable rate and from 1, 3, or 5 year term.

Your broker can explain to you the subtleties of these choices and what would be of the greatest benefit to you.


Reasons to work with Terrebonne mortgage brokers

Why do you need to work with a Terrebonne mortgage broker to find a mortgage?

You can certainly try to go to your bank or approach a lender to apply for a mortgage. But when you apply at a bank, you can only choose from the mortgages they offer. If you get declined or you don’t like their best rates, you’ll need to apply again with another lender until you make your choice.

With a mortgage broker, you only need to do it once with your broker and he’ll be the one to do the shopping for you. He won’t be limited to one lender’s mortgage products and can choose from a wide variety of lenders across Quebec.

Further, mortgage brokers get lower rates from lenders, much lower than those that any bank can offer you.


What is a mortgage pre-approval?

A mortgage pre-approval is a certificate indicating the maximum amount you qualify to borrow to purchase a home. If you qualify for $ 250,000, you can buy a house at that price regardless of the down payment.


The Importance of a Mortgage Pre-Approval

If you are getting ready to buy a house, it is better to have a mortgage pre-approval before conducting a home search.

A pre-approval ensures that you are qualified to get a mortgage and gives you the confidence to buy a home because you have home financing in place.  It also helps you narrow your search because you know exactly how much you can afford.  This will help you save time and effort by looking at the right price range of properties.

How to get a pre-approval? You can either go directly to a financial institution or consult a mortgage broker.

The second option is more beneficial, since you will have a complete follow-up not only for your approval, but also for the rest of your home purchase.

You save on time, effort, and money when you get a mortgage from a mortgage broker in Terrebonne.


Find a Mortgage Broker Partner in all areas of Terrebonne

Our mortgage broker partners serve all of Terrebonne for all kinds of mortgage needs.

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In addition, they are handpicked by our team to ensure you receive high-quality services that will satisfy you for sure!

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How to save on your mortgage costs

Are you dissatisfied with your mortgage payments and want to pay it faster? Perhaps you are considering a home purchase and worried about what mortgage type is best for you?

Most homeowners want to save on mortgage costs. Whether you have an existing mortgage or need to get one to buy a new home, a mortgage broker is the right person for the job.


Mortgage renewal

Your 5-year term is nearing its end and the bank has sent you the renewal notice. Don’t just consign yourself to paying the given mortgage rate. You can always get better mortgage rate if not from your lender then from a good mortgage broker.

Mortgage brokers specialize in mortgage renewals.  He can assist you by shopping for a new mortgage rate and negotiating for a better rate with another lender, if necessary.

When you shop for better mortgage rates, it isn’t just the rate you should be looking at. If you truly want to save on your mortgage, you must also consider the following:



Most consumers want the lowest possible rate. But you must also check the pre-payment conditions.  When interest rates increase, most of your payment goes to the interest, not the principal. By being able to make lump-sum payments or increase your monthly payments, you can take out a big chunk off your loan.  Some private lenders can provide lower rates and better pre-payment privileges than conventional banks.



It is not unheard of for people to break their mortgages. People sell their homes sooner than they anticipated or become dissatisfied with their mortgage and want to switch.  A good way to avoid penalties is to get a portable mortgage. Your broker can assist you in finding a mortgage that allows you to save thousands of dollars in penalties.


Payment Acceleration

You can also speed up your mortgage by making bi-weekly payments rather than monthly payments.  This is a painless way to accelerate your mortgage payments and help you save on thousands of dollars in interest.

A mortgage broker can really help you achieve your financial goals regarding your mortgage. Whether you want to save on interest, or access your equity to get additional funds for a new project, or simply want to find a lower mortgage rate, brokers know how to get that done.


Mortgage Expertise at No Cost

It may seem surprising and even unbelievable that mortgage brokers do all these and don’t charge a penny for their services.

Clients don’t pay mortgage brokers but they do get compensated by lenders on a commission basis.

Despite that fact, mortgage brokers aren’t loyal to a particular lender.  They can work with any lender you prefer and will do their utmost to get you the best mortgage suited to your needs.


Receive free mortgage quotes from Terrebonne mortgage brokers

With all the advantages you gain from mortgage broker services, why go it alone and risk making a crucial mistake?

You don’t lose anything by speaking to a mortgage broker. Compare mortgage rates from various lenders and see which one satisfies you the most.

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