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What are the advantages of consulting a mortgage broker in Saguenay?

Having a mortgage expert to shop for the lowest mortgage rates for you is unbeatable. Just imagine having a mortgage professional work for you without having to pay a single dollar.

If that isn’t enough to convince you, consider a multitude of other advantages of consulting a mortgage broker in Saguenay!

  • He is an expert who has followed rigorous training in the field with the OACIQ and who holds a permit
  • His professional network includes lenders in all regions of Saguenay
  • His skills allow him to negotiate in your favor and often be able to obtain a loan more easily
  • He will take the time to explain all the products available in the market
  • His exclusive and privileged access allows you to quickly compare all mortgage rates from across lenders
  • His services are 100% free (fees are the responsibility of the lenders)
  • He tracks the mortgage application from beginning to end
  • He can refer you to other reputable professionals if necessary (notary, financial planner, accountant, real estate broker, etc.)
  • He can help you with a mortgage renewal, refinancing or a mortgage transfer

As you can see, there are numerous advantages to teaming up with a mortgage broker for your Saguenay home purchase or mortgage renewal. Not only is it free, but you can get a better rate than by acting alone, which will translate into thousands of dollars in savings.

Can you really refuse the help of an expert and a few thousand dollars more in your pocket? If you want to get the best type of mortgage with the best rate, you can’t be without a mortgage broker.


Types of mortgages Available in Saguenay

You are about to buy a house in Saguenay and you do not know what type of mortgage you should choose. It is important to understand that your lenders can offer mortgage loans of various kinds, and it is important to understand the difference between them.


Here are the 4 types of mortgages that you will meet most often!

Conventional Mortgage: This is the most popular type of mortgage in Quebec because of its simplicity and its low interest rate. The value of the mortgage is equal to the amount of the loan, and the repayment thereof is made via a periodic payment every week, every two weeks or each month.

Open Mortgage: This type of mortgage allows you to partially or fully repay your mortgage during the term without penalty. You can sell your house or partially pay it back with your cash without incurring additional costs.  However, the interest rate charged for the open mortgage is often higher, and this type of mortgage is often only advantageous for a minority of buyers or owners.

Closed mortgage: By choosing a closed mortgage, you get a very advantageous interest rate, but you lose the possibility of repaying your mortgage before the end of the term. If you sign a 5-year mortgage, you cannot repay the loan if you sell your home without incurring a pre-payment penalty. Often, the amount of the penalty is measured in thousands of dollars. If you do not intend to sell, however, it is the most economical and popular option.

Subsidiary Mortgage: This is a more complex type of mortgage that is said to have multiple options. You can borrow an amount depending on the value of the house, and borrow more funds over time at no cost, depending on the increase in value of your property. It is advisable to always refer to a broker for this type of mortgage in order to fully understand all the implications.


Get the best mortgage rate with the services of a mortgage broker

If you want to avoid paying thousands of dollars too much for your mortgage, you have every interest in comparing the rates on the market with a mortgage broker.

Best Mortgage Quotes specialize in comparing mortgage rates to help you be 100% sure that you obtain the best mortgage rate for your mortgage.

Often, a broker will save you money on your rate and save you thousands of dollars.
In Saguenay, if you want to get the best mortgage rate, the only sure way to do it is to find a good mortgage broker with free mortgage quotes.

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5 Qualities to look for in a mortgage broker

Looking for the right mortgage can be nerve-wracking and stressful because it is connected to something really important – your home.

With help from a mortgage broker, the process becomes less complicated, much easier, and more convenient.

There are many mortgage brokers in Saguenay. What qualities do you look for in a mortgage broker?


1. Good personality

Whatever the job, people vary in terms of personality.  Because your search for a mortgage is important and will require frequent dialogue with a broker, you want to hire one whose personality suits yours.


2. Licensed

Mortgage brokers in Quebec are licensed by the OAQIC.


3. Has a Large Network of Lenders

Each mortgage broker works with a set of mortgage lenders. In order to benefit from a mortgage broker’s services, make sure he has a wide network of lenders you can choose from, not just 2 or 3.


4. Excellent Communication Skills

Communication between you and your broker is critical because your decisions about your mortgage depend on his advice and recommendations. Choose a broker who is excellent at communicating with clients and being timely in giving you feedback.


5. Experience

When you hire a mortgage expert, you expect him to be very good at what he does. This expertise comes from experience in the mortgage industry. Don’t be shy to ask a broker how long he has been practicing as a mortgage professional.

These are 5 of the most important qualities to look for in a mortgage broker. Feel free to compare brokers from our network to find the most suitable one for you.


Broker or Bank: Where can you get the better mortgage deal?

It is every Canadian’s dream to own a home.  Changing laws regarding mortgages have made it a lot more complicated for home buyers.  This trend has made it even more important for mortgage seekers to get help from professional mortgage brokers.

Tighter lending rules for homes above $500,000 and changing the amortization period for high-ratio insured mortgages have made it harder to get a mortgage.

Is it better to approach your bank for a mortgage or work with a mortgage broker?

Approaching a bank for a mortgage gives you a limited number of mortgage options offered by that particular bank.  If you are turned down or given an unsatisfactory mortgage rate, you will need to start from scratch with another lender.  This process can be time-consuming and stressful.

By working with a mortgage broker, you come to a one-stop shop for a mortgage across all lenders in Quebec.  With one single application, your broker can do the legwork and compare rates for you until you get the best one from a lender.


Fixed or Variable: Which Mortgage Rate is better for you

Most mortgage seekers are torn between fixed or variable mortgage rates. Which one really gives more advantages to a home owner?

A fixed mortgage rate can let you sleep better at night because you don‘t need to worry about market rate fluctuations. You know, at any given moment, how much your payment is and how much interest you will pay.

But this kind of reassurance has its drawbacks. A homeowner will lose the opportunity to pay up the mortgage earlier because of potentially high pre-payment penalties.  If you are a person with low tolerance for risk and have no plans to sell your home before your mortgage is completed, this may be ideal for you.

A variable mortgage rate can change with the prime lending rate set by a lender. Over time, variable rates can save you money especially now that rates are historically low.  But it also comes with more risk because a rise in prime lending rates can lead to higher payments. Due to some uncertainty about variable rates, this type of mortgage is not for the faint-hearted.


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