If you need a mortgage pre-approval or need to renew your mortgage, you can save on your mortgage costs when you work with a mortgage broker.

Mortgage brokers in Rimouski have access to the lowest rates across lenders in Quebec. They can do the legwork so you get better mortgage rates and terms without any fees!

As licensed and highly trained professionals in the mortgage industry, they can also give you valuable advice about your mortgage needs.

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How to compare rates of more than 20 banks in minutes?

If you want to make sure to get the best rate, trying to search the internet on your own won’t work.

You need a mortgage expert with exclusive access who will be able to quickly and efficiently compare all rates in the market.

That expert is no less than a mortgage broker who has a network of lenders in Quebec that you can choose from. Due to the volume of loans they generate, mortgage brokers are given rates lower than what banks normally offer to their clients.

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What are the benefits of shopping for a mortgage with a mortgage broker?

Shopping for a mortgage with a great broker  has numerous advantages.  In fact, there is no disadvantage to speak of when you consult a mortgage broker.

  • ✓ A genuine expert in mortgages, he knows everything about mortgage products
  • ✓ His services are 100% free from start to finish
  • ✓ He has a license and a diploma attesting to his qualifications
  • ✓ He is an expert in negotiating on your behalf
  • ✓ He takes care of all the paperwork
  • ✓ He is connected to a vast network of contacts and can refer you to other
    professionals as needed
  • ✓ He will follow-up on your application until it gets approved
  • ✓ He can check and take care of related services (mortgage insurance, property
    valuation, check a promise to purchase, etc.)
  • ✓ He can answer all your questions about mortgage products offered
  • ✓ He can help with a mortgage renewal or refinancing as well as a new mortgage

It only takes a few minutes and our mortgage quotes are absolutely free and no obligation. As you can see, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose by requesting for your free mortgage quotes from the best mortgage brokers in Rimouski.


Tips to save when renewing your mortgage

Now that the term of your mortgage is fast approaching, are you wondering whether you can’t get a lower rate? In fact, you don’t need to stay with your current lender if you are not satisfied with your rate. Mortgage professionals strongly recommend to shop for better rates from other lenders during a mortgage renewal.

The trick to saving on mortgage costs is to save by not accepting the first offer but taking the time to compare other available rates from financial institutions. A mortgage broker can help a lot with this process because he has access to the best rates from lenders in Quebec.

During a renewal, you can start shopping for your new mortgage about 4-5 months before the end of your term and even book your rate up to 120 days in advance.

To do this, a professional mortgage broker is without question the right person to approach.

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Refinance your mortgage through a mortgage broker in Rimouski

When we say refinance a mortgage, it means using the equity in your property to obtain more funds for other projects such as renovation. Funds can also be used to consolidate other debts to save on interest.

There are various options to refinancing an existing mortgage. A mortgage broker will be able to help you do this without much trouble.  With his extensive training and wide network, he can find another lender and structure the loan to your best advantage.


What Can Mortgage Brokers Do?

Mortgage brokers are experts that make it possible for home buyers and owners to get the best mortgage loans.  They negotiate for the best rates on behalf of their clients with numerous lenders across Quebec.


What are their specialties when it comes to mortgages?

  • Fixed and variable rate mortgages
  • Financing for purchase of rental properties
  • Mortgage for a second home or a cottage
  • Home equity line of credit
  • Mortgage renewal
  • Private mortgage financing
  • Refinancing

Regardless of what your mortgage needs are, a mortgage broker from our network is the best professional for the job.

Are you wanting to buy an investment property? Do you need to refinance your mortgage to undertake a renovation project? A mortgage broker can tell you the best type of mortgage product and how you can save money from your existing mortgage.


Mortgage Requirements in Quebec – 5 Things you Need

Unfortunately, not everyone qualifies to get a mortgage. There are several things you must possess in order to get approved for a mortgage.


Good Credit history

Your lender checks on your credit history to make sure that you pay back loans that you borrow.  A good credit history shows you are reliable when it comes to repayment.  In Canada, Equifax and TransUnion are the leading credit reporting bureaus used for credit verification.



You will need to demonstrate your capacity to pay back the loan. Capacity refers to debt servicing. Your housing cost 32% of your gross income.  Your combined debts must not exceed 42% of your gross income.

A lender will require proof of income such as pay stubs and bank information.



You need to have accumulated assets to qualify for a mortgage, including money in the bank.



The property you plan to buy or that is covered by your existing mortgage is your collateral.  The property must be desirable in the eyes of the lender to be accepted as collateral. For a new home purchase, the lender will undertake a property assessment to determine the value of the property.



Your character evaluation is a combination of the 4 factors above as well as your employment, your length of stay at your current residence, and references.

These 5 important factors are all important to get you the final approval for your mortgage application.

Your mortgage broker will also look at these things when preparing the paperwork for your mortgage application. If necessary, he can make recommendations for getting the green light for your mortgage.


Our Mortgage Broker Partners Serve All of Rimouski

Anyone who is buying a house wants a mortgage application to be seamless and stress-free. For this reason, it is not advisable to be on your own when searching for the right mortgage.

A mortgage is a huge financial responsibility and can have a big impact on your finances.  Our network or mortgage broker partners are your intermediaries to lenders in Rimouski and all of Quebec to ensure you get the most favorable mortgage based on your needs.


Find the best mortgage broker in Rimouski

Now that you understand how a mortgage broker can help you shop for your mortgage, get the best rate or renew or refinance, you need to find one!

Ask your broker the following questions:


1) How do you get compensated for your services?

Just like any other professional service, you need to know how your broker gets compensated.  They are usually paid by the lender and no matter which lender you eventually choose, your broker will receive the same amount of commission. This ensures the broker does not favor any lender and looks out for your best interest.


2) How long have you been a mortgage broker?

The longer a broker’s experience, the better.  There are, however, some brokers who have been in the industry only a short time but has established a wider network of lenders than brokers of many years.  One way you can check a broker’s skills is by asking how much in loans he has already generated.


3) What mortgage products do you specialize in?

An experienced broker would have had various clients in different types of situations and would have generated different mortgages to suit individual needs.  A good broker should be knowledgeable about all types of mortgages and work with different lenders including banks and private lenders.

Mortgage brokers work with different lenders and this will vary from one broker to another. It is good to ask a broker which lenders he works with.  It is important to note that variety is good but isn’t all you should consider.  You should check if the lenders offer the lowest rates, have good turn-around time, and the most efficient services.

Don’t be shy to ask your mortgage broker in Rimouski for references if it makes you more comfortable to discuss your financial needs with your broker.


What is the best way to find a mortgage broker in Rimouski?

It is actually very easy and convenient to find a mortgage broker in Rimouski.

Just fill-out our online request form to connect with the best brokers. He will be happy to review your file to help you shop for your mortgage and compare rates of more than 20 banks!

The only thing you need to do to start this process is to fill-out a short form with just a few clicks! Your broker will take care of the rest and ensure you get the best available mortgage rates in Rimouski!

If you want to save on your mortgage, don’t lose this opportunity to get free professional mortgage broker services today.

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