10 Tips to avoid a Bankruptcy: Mortgage Loan after Bankruptcy

Contact a free mortgage broker or a certified and reliable financial advisor at the first sign of financial problems. These professionals are trained to help you manage [...]

Guide to mortgage pre-approval before buying a house

If you are buying your first home, your mortgage is undoubtedly the largest amount of money you have ever had to borrow. Choose the right strategy. Get [...]

12 tips for choosing the best private lender for your mortgage

Due to stricter mortgage regulation, more and more homeowners are turning to private financing for their mortgage needs. The new stress test implemented last 1 January 2018 [...]

Mortgage Renewal before or at term at the Best Rate: Mortgage Renegotiation

An early mortgage renegotiation is not done in the same way as a mortgage renewal negotiated at maturity. Here are some tips for your mortgage renewal before [...]

4 Techniques to pay off your mortgage quickly

PAY FOR YOUR HOME FAST   Accelerating the repayment of a debt that is accumulating interest is always a good idea. However, you must know how to [...]

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