Comparison of mortgage offers from reliable brokers.
22 April 2023
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22 April 2023,
Comparison of mortgage offers from reliable brokers.

Are you planning to buy a property? Is your mortgage up for renewal soon?

Whether you need a new mortgage to buy a house or you want to renew your existing mortgage at a lower interest rate, we can help you get the best mortgage loan. 

Our network consists of reputable and experienced mortgage brokers all across Quebec.

Thanks to our mortgage partners, we can recommend the best agencies in your area. Allow us to introduce you to the top 50 mortgage agencies in Quebec.

Mortgage broker vs. mortgage advisor

When applying for a mortgage, you will come across 2 types of mortgage professionals. Who are they?

Mortgage Advisor

He is affiliated with a financial institution such as a bank and will offer the mortgage products offered by his company. He is not in a position to provide information about other mortgage products from other sources.

Mortgage broker

Works independently from lenders and is knowledgeable about all mortgage products available on the market. He works with a variety of lenders and can offer multiple mortgage products from different lenders you can choose from.

They are both able to: 

While both of these professionals can advise each client on the best type of mortgage tailored to their needs, there are certain distinctions that you must understand. 

By using a mortgage broker, you can avoid the pitfalls of getting a mortgage by finding the best loan that suits your needs.

The TOP 50 mortgage agencies in Quebec

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Consecutive increases in interest rates have made the mortgage market today more challenging than previous years. In fact, we are seeing much higher rates than we have been used to.

While many future buyers fear not being able to qualify due to the decrease in purchasing power, the search for the best mortgage product has never been more important.  

This is where mortgage agencies come into play. It is crucial to get help from qualified and experienced professionals to guide you in your mortgage application process.

Among the many mortgage agencies in Quebec, some stand out more. In order to support you in your approach to home ownership, we present the 50 best mortgage agencies to consider.

Planiprêt | Etienne Gilbert

Planiprêt | David Tremblay

Multi-Loans | Etienne Fleury

Mortgage Architects | Stephane Bruyere

Planiprêt | Charles and Charlie

Mortgage Consortium | Martin Cote

Multi-Loans | Vision Team

Multi-Loans | Samuel Robert

Hypotheca | Stephane Michon

CanWise | Mortgages | Vincent Le Saux

Multi-Loans | Jimmy Perreault

Multi-Loans | Jean-Francois Jacques

Dominion | George Macris

Planiprêt | Alexandre Lafitte

Multi-Loans | Marc-Olivier Beaulieu-Tanguay

Multi-Loans | Isabelle Tremblay

Multi-Loans | Meline Descarreaux

Planiprêt | Sandra Allard

Multi-Loans | Mick Dery

Planiprêt | Jimmy Boissonneault

Dominion | Sophie Gelinas

Multi-Loans | Guy Fournier

Multi-Loans | Feghali Team

Planiprêt | Ryan The Hague

Dominion | Rody Ramia

Multi-Loans | Isabelle Blasco

Multi-Loans | Olivier Simard

Multi-Loans | Alexandre Lapierre

HPS | Premium Mortgage Services

Planiprêt | Vincent Bernier

Mortgage Consortium | Denis Cote

Multi-Loans | Karine Fortier-Desabrais

Hypotheca | Anne-Pier Jauvin

Multi-Loans | Genevieve Dugal

Mortgage Architects | Francois Martel

Mortgage Consortium | Mary Gendron

Planiprêt | Paolo Folco

Hypotheca | Vincent Roy

Multi-Loans | Samuel Meloche

Multi-Loans | Claudia Pearson

Multi-Loans | Steve Harvey

Multi-Loans | Patrick Dumont

Multi-Loans | Josiane Duchesneau

Mortgage Architects | Jean-Francois Trahan

Multi-Loans | Rouyn Noranda

Multi-Loans | Gilbert and Associates

Mortgage Intelligence | Maskim Lajoie

Planiprêt | Francois Tremblay

Multi-Loans | Alexandre Parent

What is the best known agency in Quebec?

Compare the best mortgage brokers in Quebec.

Multi-Prêts Hypothèques is certainly the biggest player in Quebec’s mortgage industry.

Its outstanding performance can be explained by:

What financial institutions are affiliated with mortgage agencies in Quebec?

The list of banks that deal with mortgage brokers is long. However, it is important to know that each agency has its own partners.


Here are some of the most popular lenders our partner brokers work with:

Why purchase a property through a mortgage agency?

Choose from a variety of mortgage lenders through a mortgage broker.

Analyzing all the mortgage products by yourself and putting together your application requirements can involve countless hours and labor. It is certainly not the way to proceed in obtaining a mortgage that will be advantageous for you.

A mortgage broker can save you time and money because he is experienced and knowledgeable about the entire process. He will work hard to find you the best financing that suits your needs and goals.

He can also give you valuable advice on your personal finances. As your intermediary, he will take care of everything to ensure you get the right mortgage for your project! 

Since a real estate transaction represents one of the biggest purchases of a lifetime, the support offered by a mortgage agency will ensure your transaction is as successful as it can be for your peace of mind.

Compare mortgage rates from over 20 financial institutions across Quebec!

Buying a property through a mortgage broker.

Find the best mortgage broker to help you buy the property of your dreams, free of charge! Let a broker compare mortgages offered by different lenders that suit your financial situation and offer more advantages.

Entrust your financing requirements to one of our mortgage partners, the best in your area, without further delay!


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