Your mortgage loan capacity: how much can you borrow for your mortgage?

Buying a house is the most important transaction in your lifetime. Among the major decisions that you will make as part of its realization, determining the amount [...]

10 Top Private Lenders for Mortgages in Quebec

Make a carefully thought out decision.  Check who offers private mortgage financing. Know how to make the right choice from among private lenders, who will give a [...]

#1 Tip to find the best mortgage rate in Quebec in minutes!

Everybody wants to get the best rate for their mortgage. After all, even the smallest percentage point can help you save THOUSANDS of dollars in the long [...]

7 Mistakes to avoid to find the best mortgage rate

Do not accept the first mortgage loan presented to you at any rate or with any obscure clauses. The mortgage business is complex. Find THE best mortgage [...]

Which is better: Collateral vs. Traditional Charge Mortgages

Many people looking for a mortgage would have an idea about fixed or variable interest rates, open or closed mortgages, and conventional or high-ratio mortgages. But perhaps, [...]


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